Book Reviews

“Unlike most agents, Ralph is a real football guy – and that’s about the highest praise there is.”

Bill Polian, Hall of Fame GM

“He used his brains and brawn to bloody the theater that is the NFL. And he could make ‘em all laugh in the end, even if it hurt. This book is your chance to meet him. Enjoy.”

Chris Mortensen, ESPN Reporter

“Cindrich isn’t the man behind the Blind Side – he’s the man behind my career. If anybody’s got the cure for what ails our national game, it’s colorful, quotable, one-of-a-kind Ralph, one of America’s great rascals.”

Mark May, ESPN TV Analyst, Client

“Tape your ankles, put on your shoulder pads, adjust your helmet, and get ready for an unforgettable ride that will take you behind the scenes with some of the biggest stories in pro football for four decades.”

John Clayton, ESPN Reporter

“That’s the part he loves, he loves the negotiating, the battle, the cussing at each other, telling each other to die, and an hour later they’re back on the phone as friends.”

Jeff Saturday, Former Client & Player, ESPN Analyst

“Football’s a tough game, and not just on the field. The fights between teams and agents can be just as tough. There were times I wish I never heard the name Ralph Cindrich. But here’s the thing: If I had a son who played football and he was looking for an agent, I’d tell him to call Cindrich.”

Bob Terpening, Former NFL GM

“They’re not really going to miss Ralph Cindrich, those suits with the NFL’s 32 teams. If they think of him at all, it’s in vulgar adjectives attached to the devilish contracts he extracted from them for his clients, such as Bill Fralic’s Rabbi Trust, Will Wolford’s Blind Side contract and Dermontti Dawson’s first-ever option-year double signing bonus. On the whole, however, they’d just as soon forget him.”

“Buy it for the stories. You’ll make the money back on free drinks from friends who won’t believe the stories.”

“Are you ready for some football? If so, then only part of this book is for you. Yes, you heard me right. Only part of this is for you. This book is really like a recipe found in a cookbook, but with an edge. Take a small town southwestern Pennsylvania boy, add football and wrestling, a dash of collegiate success, a beauty queen, a journey to the professional level of sports, a career change and finally behind-the-scene boardroom negotiations and fights and you get a love story.”